The Healing Process: How to Recover From a Negative Review

Negative reviews hurt, and not just your pride. Unfortunately, there is no way to know how much business you are actually losing as a result of a negative review. As painful as it seems, your negative reviews can’t be ignored— wounds that when left untreated, will only continue to infect your online reputation. With the right strategy, your overall star rating on review sites like Yelp and Google My Business can be saved. A study […]

7 Things You Should Already Be Doing to Boost Your Local SEO

With every keyword search comes a bustling marketplace, filled with hundreds of business owners screaming for attention. It is a never-ending battle of endurance— whoever can shout the loudest, the longest, wins. Unfortunately for most business owners, the customer very rarely looks further than the first page. The Google Search algorithm wants to ensure that you are worth the recommendation. Polishing your online presence through Local SEO is a powerful and organic way to increase […]

3 Things Every Business Needs to Build an Online Presence

  Running your own business has it’s own rewards and challenges especially in today’s internet focused market. There are so many ways to market your business online that it can seem overwhelming at first. How are your customers going to find you and what low cost channels can you focus on to get yourself started? We’ve listed off the top 3 things all businesses need to start building an online presence: 1. Online Directories & Citations […]

What is a Data Aggregator?

What is a data aggregator? They are companies that collect and share business data with online directories like Google, Bing, and Yellowpages. They typically build their business databases by scanning and transcribing things like phone records, utility records, business registration websites, and printed Yellowpages directories. There are 4 primary data aggregators in the United States: Neustar, Acxiom, Infogroup and Factual. Moz created a local search ecosystem chart which shows how the data aggregators and online directories interact […]

What is a Local Citation?

A local citation is also referred to as a local listing. A local listing is an online profile of your business that displays important information such as: Business Name, Phone Number, Address, and Website. Some of the most popular local listings are Google, Yelp and Yellowpages, but there are thousands of sites dedicated to listing business profiles. Majority of these sites allow you to create a free local listing for your business. You might be asking yourself “why do […]