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Reputation Management

Brand Management

Negative Review Removal

Remove illegitimate negative reviews from hurting your digital reputation.

Review Generation

Send SMS and Email Review Requests from a Single Platform.

Automated Review Responses

Automatically respond to your Google & Facebook reviews.

Directory Management

One platform to manage 50+ digital properties.

Scalable Social

Schedule, create, and analyze your audience growth from a single platform.

Mobile App

Send review requests and post social media content.


Scale your digital presence with powerful user experiences.

Multi-Location Businesses

Get more ROI from your digital presence.


Stand out amongst your competitors locally with Consumer Fusion.

Home Services

Be there when homeowners are searching for you.


Build your Medical Practice’s online reputation at scale.

Digital Agencies

Grow your business and your clients.


Does your digital presence help you stand out from the competition?

Product Documentation

Detailed Consumer Fusion platform setup guides, how-to’s, and more.

Consumer Fusion Insights

Consumer Fusion thought pieces and useful insights.

Success Stories

Learn how businesses use Consumer Fusion to reach their goals and beyond.


Does your digital presence help you stand out from the competition?

Digital Agencies

Consumer Fusion is your partner to grow your business and your clients.

Home Services

Be there when homeowners are searching for you.


Build your Medical Practice’s online reputation at scale.

Patients Have More Choices Than Ever Before. We Help You Attract Patients and Build Trust.

Don’t let your online reputation drive patients away. Patients search online before choosing a medical provider. Consumer Fusion simplifies healthcare reputation management for healthcare systems, enabling you to uphold your esteemed reputation and foster meaningful connections with patients, medical professionals, and key stakeholders.

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One Platform. Unlimited Locations.

Turn Patient Experience into Growth

Are your patients satisfied? Do your reviews reflect that? Patients want someone they can trust, which means having 4 stars or more on your online reviews. Our healthcare reputation management improves, tracks, and responds, all in one place.

The Consumer Fusion platform and app allow you to monitor brand health across the board, control your online listings and bring immediate attention to locations in need, all with a single login.

Paint a Full Picture of Your system’s Digital Health in a Single Platform
Real-Time Customer Experience Insights
Identify Trends to Address Issues Promptly
Monitor Customer Reviews, Ratings, and Feedback
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Review Removal

Protect your Healthcare system and take a stand against illegitimate online reviews!

The Consumer Fusion team works with review directories on your behalf to remove negative reviews that violate their terms and conditions. We call, chat, and dispute reviews on those sites, giving you the time and energy you need to run the rest of your marketing!

Over 100,000 Illegitimate Reviews & Photos Removed 
We Dispute Reviews That Violate the Terms & Conditions on Your Behalf to Keep Your Brand Protected
Increase Your Average Rating on Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, Vitals and More!

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Nurture Your Patients

Build Patient Trust. Amplify Loyalty. Elevate Your Brand Reputation

Leverage Consumer Fusion’s Automated Review Responses to enhance your brand reputation and foster patient loyalty. Seamlessly connect to leading review sites such as Google and Facebook, Healthgrades,  Vitals, and more, receiving instant notifications whenever a new review is posted. Rest assured, knowing that the correct response is underway ensures you can confidently engage with your patients and maintain a positive online presence.

Maximize Patient Engagement: Seize the Moment to Encourage Repeat Business

Turn Negative Experiences into Positive Experiences Swiftly
Responding to Reviews Boosts Revenue by 25% on Average!
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Drive Growth with Our Review Generation

Drive Growth with Consumer Fusion’s Review Generation Solutions

Gain valuable insights into patient feedback before they leave your system. Instantly send Review Requests using our user-friendly dashboard and mobile app. Customize requests for preferred review sites like Google, Facebook, heatlthgrade, Vitals, and more. Receive real-time feedback on treatment satisfaction and engage with reviews using our customizable response tool.

Improve Your Visibility on Review Sites and Local Listings, Including Google and Facebook, Healthgrades, Vitals, and More

Automated SMS and Email Review Requests
See All Your Reviews in One Place and Stay Informed About What People Are Saying
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Grow Your Reach and Find the Right Patients

Get Found when patients search online

Patients increasingly turn to the internet to find the care they need; healthcare providers must establish a strong online presence. Consumer Fusion builds a healthy online presence by optimizing your local search ranking to ensure your system appears prominently in online searches.

Outrank Other Providers in Search Results and Get More Leads

Track Your Listing Analytics for Multiple Locations All in One Place
We Submit Your Location Data to Syndicate Across All Major Search Engines
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Securing Patient Data with Care

At Consumer Fusion, we prioritize the safety and security of your patient’s data. We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality, which is why we are proud to be HIPAA-Compliant. Your trust and privacy are our top concerns.

Five Star Icons
“We are very happy with Consumer Fusion and the help they have given us. Dey is amazing at what she does. Our clinic went from 4 stars with 11 reviews to 4.9 stars with 72 reviews in a very short time. If you are willing to do the work and follow Consumer Fusions guidance, then it will work for you!”

Nicole Lee

Five Star Icons
“I have been with Kim at Consumer Fusion for almost 5 years now. I opened my office, and when we first started, we could not get found on a Google search. We were on page 500. After a few months, we finally reached page 1! Now we consistently rank in the top 3 for organic Google. Our business has taken off since signing on with Consumer Fusion, and quite honestly, we are so busy I can barely keep up! With zero advertising. Highly recommend them if you want to grow your business and become more profitable!”

Ryan Coursey


Five Star Icons
“I started working with Kim Gray and Consumer Fusion about 6 years ago. There is not enough positive things I can say. They have been fantastic to work with as individuals and as a company. Their efforts have been so productive for my dental practices it would have been hard to imagine years ago. They have helped me to grow and to continue to do so with incredible consistency.”

Steve Baldwin


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