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In a business like ours, positive online reviews are critical. Many customers will look at what others say about us before inviting us into their homes during a stressful time. Since we partnered with Consumer Fusion they have greatly improved our online reputation! In just a two month pilot with 2 locations, they removed 106 negative reviews & photos and responded to hundreds of online reviews in efforts to have reviewers update or remove their reviews themselves. With those results, it’s easy to see why we expanded using them for the entire system!

AI Probability Score

Your Brand’s negative reviews are filtered through our Negative Evaluation Widget (N.E.W.)

Once the Negative Evaluation Widget processes the review, it generates a probability score. This is the likelihood a review will be removed for violating directory guidelines.

If the probability score is higher than 50% there is a high chance the review is able to be removed through the dispute process.

Automated Review Responses

With Consumer Fusion, you can automate and control your brand’s review responses with auto rotating templates that respond within 24hrs of a new review. Include up to 10 unique templates per rule and dynamic fields create personalized responses.

Review responses are a great way to include keywords and categories to improve your local search ranking.

89% of online consumers read owner responses to reviews

respond to reviews

Role Restrictions

See all of your locations’ data to see how each location is performing at the Franchisor level. Easily setup individual franchisees to only see the locations they’re associated with.

Keep Your Brand's Data Consistent

With our Local Directories program, feel confident that your brand looks consistent across all search directories. Ensure that the business name, photos, services, categories, and about sections for all of your franchise locations are consistent online. Doing so will drastically improve the Local SEO for your brand.

Increase Your Overall Star Rating

We assist in the creation of your review request templates for all of your brand’s locations. Start sending review requests to customers from each location to add more positive online reviews and see your brand’s overall star rating rise!

Roll Up Reporting

As the Franchisor, you want to be able to see all of your data to get a sense of how your brand is performing at a high level and even on a granular level. Our roll up reporting lets you create custom reports for all locations, different regional segments, and individual locations of your brand. See how many review requests are being sent, the number of reviews that are being removed, and how your online reputation is growing as a whole!

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