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Does your digital presence help you stand out from the competition?

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Home Services

Be there when homeowners are searching for you.


Build your Medical Practice’s online reputation at scale.

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for any Brand’s success. One of the key steps to establishing credibility and visibility on Google platforms is through Google Business Verification. This essential process confirms the legitimacy and ownership of your business, paving the way for numerous benefits, including enhanced visibility, increased trust among potential customers, and access to valuable features like creating posts, responding to reviews, and updating your profile. In this guide, we’ll highlight the newest method for managing Google Business Verification, the video recording method.

What is Google Business Verification?

Google Business Verification is the process by which Google confirms the legitimacy and ownership of a business. This is crucial for ensuring that only genuine businesses appear on Google Maps, and in local search results. Google offers various avenues for verifying your business.  Merchants do not have the liberty to select their preferred verification method; instead, Google assigns the method to them.

Traditionally, verification through postcards containing PIN numbers was the standard method for Google Business Profile verification. However, there appears to be a shift, with businesses now receiving alternative methods for verifying their Business Profiles – like video verification.

Preparation Steps For Video Verification

Before you embark on the video verification process, it’s essential to ensure you’re adequately prepared. Here are some key preparation steps:

1. Install Google Maps App:

Make sure you have the Google Maps app installed on your mobile device. This will be essential for accessing your Business Profile and initiating the verification process.

2. Log In:

Log in to the app using the email associated with your Google Business Profile. If you start verification on a computer, you can seamlessly continue the process on your mobile device by scanning a QR code

Recording Your Verification Video

Once you’ve completed the preparation steps, it’s time to record your verification video. Here’s how to do it effectively:

1. Planning:

Take the time to plan your video carefully, ensuring it meets Google’s requirements. Consider what elements are essential to include and how you can effectively showcase your business legitimacy.

2. What to Include:

Capture various aspects of your business, including:

✔️📍 The location of your business, including official street signs, building numbers, and nearby landmarks.

✔️🏠 Evidence of your business’s existence, such as storefronts or signage.

✔️📝 If your business doesn’t have a physical location, record the areas where you offer services, equipment you use, and any relevant documentation.

✔️🔧 Showcase relevant equipment, products, or materials associated with your business.

✔️🚗 Include promotional materials such as flyers, logos, business cards, and branded vehicles.

✔️📱 Demonstrate proof of management by recording authorized tasks or areas.

What if my business doesn’t have a physical location?

✅ You can still record the location where you offer services, the equipment you use, and documentation.

✅  Include flyers, logos, business cards, and your branded Vehicle.

✅ Record relevant equipment, products, or materials associated with your business.

✅ Demonstrate proof of management by recording authorized tasks or areas.

3. Video Specifications

Ensure that your video meets the following specifications:

✔️It should be unedited, unique, and one continuous recording without breaks.

✔️The video should have a minimum length of 1 minute and a maximum of 5 minutes.

✔️Make sure not to include any sensitive information, or faces in the video.

Submission Process

Once you’ve recorded your verification video, it’s time to submit it for review. Follow these steps:

1. Record and Upload:

Access your Business Profile on your mobile device, tap “Get verified,” and select “Capture video.” Follow the on-screen instructions to start recording. After recording, upload the video to your profile.

2. Wait for Review:

Google will review your video, which may take up to 5 business days. If your video meets the requirements and is successfully verified, you will receive a notification. If unsuccessful, ensure your video meets all requirements and retry.

3. Optional – Delete Your Video:

If desired, you can delete your video at any time. Access your Business Profile, go to “Advanced settings,” then “Video uploads” to delete.


Google Business Verification is a crucial step in establishing credibility and visibility for your business on Google platforms. By following the best practices outlined in this guide and submitting a well-prepared verification video, you can ensure that your business is accurately represented online. Verification not only enhances your Brand’s visibility but also instills trust among potential customers, ultimately driving growth and success.

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