A Facebook Redesign is Coming

Facebook announced an overhaul of its main mobile app that puts more emphasis on two of its most critical features: events and groups. The company says it’s placing groups front and center as a cornerstone of how it wants users to think of the main Facebook app, while their events feature is getting a fresh coat of paint as one of the most-used parts of the app that keeps users coming back day in and […]

A Quick Guide to Creating Content for Your Facebook Business Page

For business owners, Facebook can be a blessing and a curse. It’s an easy way to tap into an audience of potential customers in your local area, and best of all, it’s free! (Mostly free, paid advertising is another story.) Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just create your Business Page; you need to stay active. Keeping a steady flow of Facebook posts takes both time and creativity, a daunting task that leads business owners to […]