The N.E.W. Generation of Reputation Management Has Arrived!

We are so excited and proud to announce the launch of the N.E.W. (Negative Evaluation Widget), the first-ever AI tool in the Reputation Management industry specifically for negative reviews, designed to analyze the content of illegitimate reviews and determine the likelihood of their removal. In other words, it’s a game changer.

How it Works:

The Development Team at Consumer Fusion collected years of data from our CRM system, including over 70,000 illegitimate reviews that have been successfully removed by our online review specialists. By processing that information, the deep learning model is trained to accurately predict the probability of a review getting removed, and generates a probability score. A review with a probability score of over 50% has a high chance of getting removed through the standard dispute process. 

Director of Marketing and Product Brigitte Rubidoux explains, “The tool will play a critical role internally and for our clients, as we continue to help them manage their online presence by maintaining honest reviews. We’ve been able to produce a tool with a high accuracy rate and we continue to train our system with more data to raise its capabilities.” 

Why this Matters:

This technology makes it easier for businesses to strategize how to handle any illegitimate reviews that appear on their online business listings. They will save time and money by knowing preemptively whether they should focus their resources on getting their negative reviews removed, or seek alternative solutions. 

Rubidoux concludes, “Our clients often ask our team the likelihood of a review being removed – and now we have a data-backed response.”

In other words, the N.E.W. revolution of online reputation management, strategy, and technology has finally arrived.


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